Welcome to Leasary — my newest initiative to join my passions together in one, for-profit company.

Leasary’s pitch is simple: create a rental marketplace focused on modernizing the traditional pen-and-paper rental industry. We help landlords & tenants solve frustrating issues like applications, maintenance, and payments while also building innovative contract generation and cyclical marketplaces for new tenants. Our goal is to have a “Buy Now” experience with rentals so our landlords & tenants can go back to focusing on the important stuff.

I've worked for a variety of companies at this point and they all frustrate me for the same, simple reason; too much focus on internal politics and not enough on efficient output. The approach I’m taking with Leasary is to tackle the common problems with work head on and get them out of the way to focus on what matters: the people & the product.

Two philosophies I want to hit on are Transparency & Accountability. The manifestation of those are found through Open Companies and Open Work.

Open Companies

I’ve always been extremely passionate about open companies and even open principals within closed companies. To me, the value we get out of the inherent trust that comes with transparency is critical. So much of our time is wasted thinking about how we deliver news, or who has permission to see a project, or how much profit margin we make. The idea that we should focus on what’s important, and let everything else just work, is the spark that open companies give me.

I experienced the cusp of open companies at Gratipay, which was focused around the intersection of remote work, open companies, and modern tip-gifting. The revolutionary idea with Gratipay was that all of the planning, features, bugs, and requests were open and publicly discussed by default. Heck, I got my start in open-source maintenance when I opened my first issue complaining that my birth year was not supported.

Open Work

I’m sure everyone has found the pain of self-accountability before. It’s the pain where you lie in your bed regretting that you hadn’t worked harder on your project earlier, where you think just maybe you have enough time to grab another cup of coffee and get something done. I believe that accountability stems from social drivers: in its best form, collaboration, in its worst, guilt. This is the same principle that makes startup founders demand co-founders to help keep them on track.

I want to see what happens when we don’t have just one person keeping us accountable. How can we open up the veil of lonely remote work to either the internet or local meetups? What happens when you feel the obligation of the masses? When random internet passersby just ask, “What are you working on?”.

The next question then is what happens when the users you build for also have an interest in how you’re building. What happens when the customers get to see and say how the sausage is made?

The Plan

Leasary is going to make all of it’s information, planning, strategy, and organization public. We are going to open our data and our processes to facilitate faster work with less overhead. We will also make all of our code, work, and designs open and available.

One of the tasks is finding tooling that helps facilitate this. Most of the traditional software is a per-license usage fee, which makes sense for employees, but not for casual internet viewers. So far we’re using:

  • Notion - Company Wiki. All ideas and topics start here and are moved to other more collaborative environments when they are ready to be worked on.
  • GitHub - Tracks epics and features ready for development. Used for communal discussion of various topics.
  • Discord - Real time chat. We’re piggybacking on the Open Company Initiative’s server for now, but you can find us in the #leasary channel.
  • Twitch - Used to experiment with tackling the void of remote solo work. Every weekend I will stream for a couple of hours working on either menial organizational tasks, coding, marketing, or anything else towards the development of Leasary.
  • @LeasaryHomes - Branded account. Will have occasional “building” posts, but mostly content marketing.
  • @clone1018 - Personal account blasting out communication and ideas for mostly Leasary work.

If you’re interested in joining, helping out, or learning more please do not hesitate to contact me via any of the above methods, or simply email me at [email protected]

Thank you!