For Renters

Warning! This is our public testing site for now, no rentals that appear here are actual. Site functionality will work, but it will not translate into any real world outcomes.
A marketplace for renters


A single app for your entire rental life. Browse properties, create applications, move in, and then continue to use our app to manage your new home.

Instead of paying various application fees, you instead just pay the Leasary Application Fee, and any applications you make through us are free!

Get support from your landlord at any time with in-app messaging. Review your lease & property rules, and easily review your payments or pre-move in damage pictures.


Low-fee payment of rent and other property bills. Pay rent and other utility sharing programs to your landlord without writing a paper check.

Have peace of mind knowing your security deposit is being handled by Leasary in an automated interest-bearing account.

Easy payments for renters