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Warning! This is our public testing site for now, no rentals that appear here are actual. Site functionality will work, but it will not translate into any real world outcomes.


An open company is a simple idea, take your traditional closed company processes and ideals, and make them public by default. Some examples are GitLab and Buffer.

Leasary is also an open company, with a strong commitment to transparency & fairness. We’re almost like a worker cooperative, where each member of the team claims a stake in the ownership.

A collaborative open company

Financials & Revenue

We take transparency seriously, so all of our financial statements are public record and will be shared as they become available.

We make a commitment to treating our customers fairly and charging what is required to support the business and the families of those who work on it.

Profit & Loss YTD 2020
Net Sales $0.00
Cost of Sales $0.00
Operating Expenses $0.00
- Research & Development -$37.00
- General & Administrative $0.00
Net Income -$37.00

The Team

Since Leasary is an open company, anyone can join the team! These are our current public team members, if you’re interested in becoming one, keep reading!

Luke Strickland

A Fake Person

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